Frequently asked questions

What is the license for this program?

GNU GPL. The module was originally inspired by (and based on) Florin Malita's ftpfs. It contains some code from the Linux kernel source tree (smbfs/ncpfs).

Cannot insert module!

Insmod/modprobe complains:

shfs.o: unresolved symbol ...

The shfs.o module was compiled for incompatible kernel. Recompile the module and try insmod again.

Symlink target is incorrect!

Use stable mount option, this causes symlinks to be resolved so you won't see them any more.

Directory rights are 700 after mount, I cannot access remote share as non-root user!

Use rmode mount option (e.g. rmode=755).

Is it possible to use another command instead of ssh?

Yes. See --cmd shfsmount option.

Is it possible to allow ordinary users to mount shfs shares?

Yes, though it is not enabled by default. Just set suid (chmod u+s) attribute on /usr/bin/shfsmount and /usr/bin/shfsumount.

Shfsmount freezes before asking for password/passphrase!

Use shfsmount -v to get more info about what is to be done. Maybe you just have to confirm the remote host key.

Kernel Oopses with the very first attempt to access the mounted share!

Make sure you have exactly the same compiler version as the one used for the kernel (gcc -v; cat /proc/version).

There is something wrong with the module, it is not working correctly

If the bug is reproducible, please either fill in the bugreport on and/or send me an email. Do not forget to specify shfs version, kernel version, exact bug description, way to reproduce it and kernel log file. The log could be obtained using shfsmount -vvv (the result is to be in /var/log/kern.log or similar). Thanks!